About me - brennanburrows

     Brennan Burrows is an award winning landscape and portrait photographer born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. In 2016 he graduated from Chadwick School where he took courses that specialized in darkroom manipulation and photoshop techniques. Despite his participation in all levels of photography courses at Chadwick, Brennan prides himself on being largely self-taught. Additionally, Brennan is a passionate outdoorsman who has an adoring love of Yosemite National Park and destinations around the world.

     "I first got fascinated with photography about eight years ago when my family and I traveled to East Africa. I bought a used DSLR from my neighbor and just started shooting. I came back with some incredible shots and was immediately hooked on photography."

     Brennan is currently a college senior at Wheaton College in Chicago where he continues to expand his love of creation and visual arts.

I hope you enjoy my site! Contact me at brennan.burrows@my.wheaton.edu for any questions or business inquiries.